November 27, 2008

Check Your Local Listings, Part 2

One of the more popular pages on this blog has been my roundup of funny movie marquee juxtapositions. Cramming multiple film titles onto a theater sign often results in some unintended humor. In the nine months since that original post, I've collected a few more examples for your amusement.

Cock - Not Your Average SuperheroThe script for the Will Smith movie Hancock was originally called Tonight He Comes, which producers changed to avoid unwanted pornographic associations. Unfortunately for the studio, this theater chose to put up their sign's letters from right to left.

Another Gay Sequel - The Women Tell No OneThere's a message hidden in this sign. Is that how the supposed homosexual agenda works?

Hitman Mist BeowulfHe's already in trouble with his contractors for the botched assignment, and now some movie theater sign is rubbing it in.

Knocked Up NightlyThis must be the behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of those reality shows about parents with unusually large clans of offspring.

Barnyard PiratesThe scourge of fish farms around the world.

40 Year Old Virgin PenguinsWould these be known as PILFs?

As always, feel free to give more examples of this juvenile pastime in the comments.

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