March 22, 2008

Déjà View: Sex and Breakfast vs. Manchild

The DVD artwork for the recently released Sex and Breakfast features a cluster of naked male and female legs poking out from the end of a sofa. Such imagery is often used to convey the playful romps inherent in a modern day sex comedy (for example, the posters for Virgin Territory, Shortbus and All Over the Guy). It struck me as very typical, but I otherwise didn't give too much thought to the cover design.

A few weeks later I happened across the first season of the British TV series Manchild. The cover of the American DVD version features a very familiar jumble of naked legs poking out from the end of a sofa.

Manchild Season 1

Sex and Breakfast

The designer of Sex and Breakfast's cover pitched the angle of the original couple's limbs to make room for a third person's leg. Either the latter completely ripped off the former, or they both employed the same stock photo source by chance.

Antisex (2008)UPDATE 10/29/08
The plot thickens with this artwork for the Russian comedy Antisex (2008). It's obviously the same source image, only now the couch has been tipped even further and a bra and more body parts have been added.

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